Session 4:
International migration flows in Europe

Thursday, June 22
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Room 9

Chair: Kalev Katus, Estonian Interuniversity Population Research Centre

  1. International and internal migrations in Albania: migratory patterns and consequences on population structuresByron Kottzamanis, University of Thessaly; Michalis Agorastakis, University of Thessaly

  2. Eastern European migration to Portugal: similarities and differences between immigrants from Ukraine, Russia and MoldaviaJosé Marques, Colégio de S. Jerónimo; Pedro Góis, Colégio de S. Jerónimo

  3. Immigration and foreign population in the southern European countries : a comparative analysis of trends and policiesSalvatore Strozza, University of Naples Federico II; Antonella Guarneri, Università La Sapienza-Roma; Anna Paterno, Università di Bari

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