Session 38:

Friday, June 23
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Room 7

Chair: Sabu S. Padmadas, University of Southampton

  1. The Russian HIV case reporting systemBoris P Denisov, Moscow University

  2. Healthy men with subnormal sperm counts live shorter livesSabine Groos, University of Marburg; Ulrich Mueller, University of Marburg; Walter Krause, University of Marburg

  3. HIV/AIDS-induced demographic behaviour change in Malawi and its long-term outcomes. An application of a dynamic multistate modelAlessandro Valentini, Università di Pisa; Piero Manfredi, Dipartimento di Statistica & Matematica Applicata all'Economia; Linda Porciani, University of Bari and University of Pisa

  4. Temporary migration and STD/HIV risk sexual behavior: a population-based analysis of gender differences in ChinaXiushi Yang, Old Dominion University; Guomei Xia, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

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